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21st Century Blues LP Press Release NE$$ x baby J

September 11th 2020

Contact: Sonny Urbane


On 9/11, as the world remembers the attacks on the World Trade Center by groups who resorted to extreme measures to lash out against the American capitalist system, NE$$ x baby J release new album '21st Century Blues'. This captivating body of work explores the nuances of life as a Black man navigating capitalism and oppression in the US. More than just a series of short stories about hustling and street life, the music exposes the viewpoint of a man that sees past the situation he faces and imagines a world that could be different. Refreshingly intimate and matter fact, NE$$ (Weekend Money, A-Alikes), a dynamic storyteller , muses, “how long am I gonna be duckin’ that long arm of the law / 3 in the morning peekin’ in peepholes / knock at the door / the trap, no better word no metaphor”.


In light of the ongoing global pandemic and 2020’s summer of protests following the murder of George Floyd, this album is a much-needed release and speaks to current times. From songs like ‘Murder Porn’ that explores the police and state violence against the Black community, and the role social media plays into feeding graphic images into our conciousness, to ‘Black Love’ which explores the comradery and connection in relationships developed in a time of struggle and resistance, to ‘Buy My Mom A House’ which speaks of a street-level hustlers dream of changing the narrative of the oppression faced within his family and 'Ballad of A Broken Man’ which showcases some of the most heartbreaking lyrics seen in Hip-Hop since 2pacs ‘Brenda Had a Baby’.



The production from UK producer baby J (Amy Winehouse, Dead Prez, Skinnyman) creates a broken, lofi, out of tune dystopian world that sounds like it’s sampled from dusty old 60’s records when in fact no samples were used in the making of the album.


Hip Hop has exposed to the world street life, the drug economy of America and the violence of the ghetto through Mobb Deep, NWA and Wu Tang. It has also shown us the voice of resistance and change through Public Enemy, Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, and in a music scene swamped with sex, drugs and opulence '21st Century Blues' fills the space in the middle showing both the struggles of an oppressed people trapped in the system and the opportunities and hopes of a future that could be.


Thank You

For all press considerations, please contact Sonny Urbane
21st Century Blues Private Link HERE

21st Century Blues will be available for purchase & streaming on Sept 11th via Bandcamp & on all major streaming platforms the following week on September 18th.

Pre Order Link for Limited Edition Colour Vinyl

21st Century Blues LP Listening Party will be held in Miami, FL at an undisclosed location. For details RSVP

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